Wichita Lighter Than Air


AE 512 Homemade Envelope

Date: April 4th, 2016
  • Mission: Assist with flight testing of AE512 (experimental methods) group’s homemade envelope.
  • Max Altitude: 18,000 ft.
  • Approximate Flight Range: 40 miles
  • Hardware: 2 homemade plastic envelopes (roughly 800 grams total lift capacity) with manometer based pressure relief valve, and one store bought "blimp" style balloon for altitude control. Tracked with habduino.
  • Notes/failures: These balloons were built by a team of which I was not a member; my involvement was primarily in helping to develop a strategy and run calculations for correct fill levels and altitude control. Unfortunately the homemade balloons lost gas and descended prematurely.
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